Some names have been changed to preserve anonymity.

Photo of Alec, Kelly and Harrison
Photo of Harrison

I Joined your website Soon after returning from Afghanistan in October of last year. I had heard all about the site from some of the lads who were very grateful about all the mail they were getting. The post was slow arriving out in Kandahar but when it did, all of the letters from the caring members of FPP arrived and raised morale through the whole camp. at this point I wasnt a member but soon looked up the site on my return to the UK.

Pictures are of our son Harrison Noah Burns. He was born on the 27th October 2009. Harrison weighed 7lbs 2oz and is healthy and beautiful.I joined up and originally missed that it was free for serving members of the forces but still willingly paid as i thought it was excellent value for money. The people on the site are fantastic and the chat room in particular was a real treat!

I used the site for quite a while not really looking for romance, just the chance to meet some new people. I travelled quite far around to visit some of the people and we had a great laugh having already got familier in the chatroom.

One day while reading through the daily 10-20 messages I received, there was a message from a lovely looking young lady calling herself reedyredridinghood. Her message was lovely, kind and very very funny. I couldnt stop thinking about how good her message had made me feel. I messaged back and it wasnt long before we were messaging each other up to 40 times a day!

Eventually it came to the point where we wanted to meet each other so i asked where she lived. when she said Bishop Auckland i did’nt have a clue so i went onto a route finder only for my heart to sink when it came back as 300 miles!

Still…..we had built up a great rappor and so i told her i would come and visit her within 2 weeks. She didnt believe me until i was in my car and called her to tell her i was just setting off! 5 hours later I arrived and couldnt believe that I was standing right next to her in real life!! She was even more beautiful than in her pictures!

We had loads to talk about what with her being a LT in the med corps and me being a lcpl in the royal signals (both TA). We compared notes on her tour to iraq against mine in afghanistan and walked through the mist strewn park with cups of hot coffee, hand in hand.

My life was instantly turned around having had a difficult year the year before. She was wonderful and the days soon passed and i had to return home to london.

We met again, and again and again. the journeys getting longer and longer as my excitement grew at seeing kelly. As time passed we discovered that kelly was pregnant. We knew we had’nt been together long but our ties were strong and we were both delighted with the news if just a little scared!

All the friends we had made on the site were delighted for us and kept asking for updates. I’m still in touch with them through facebook.

Kelly moved to london with me and we are now living a blissful lifestyle and our love is still growing! Harrison has cemented our relationship and there has been talk of marriage! We will be sure to inform you of any developements there!

Kelly and i have come off the site now purely beacause of work and family comitments but our time on your website often pops up in conversation and we think very fondly of it. Its full of wonderful and exciting people, all there just waiting to make new friends and making them feel welcome. I would VERY HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is either serving or would like to connect to people in the armed forces to use this site. The membership fee is fantasticly priced and after just a couple of days you realise just how much value for money you actually get. In a world of rip off internet sites, Forces pen pals shows how it should be done, and does it with class. Full of staff and members who actually care about our boys and girls who are over seas, this site REALLY makes a difference, and after meeting the woman of my dreams and having a wonderful son because of your site……I should know!!

Alec and Kelly

I would like to say thank you…I have been a member for only 8 months and made some good friends through it and had loads of laughs. But in the last few months I’ve been chatting to one guy who has become very special to me and we can’t wait to meet each other in a couple of weeks time and tonight we have both cancelled our pages. Thank you once again, it is a fantastic site.

Lindsay and Ben

I just wanted to drop you a line to say many, many thanks for your wonderful site. It is through you that I met my husband; we met on the site last year and were married last Saturday. Both John and I want to offer our heartfelt thanks for your services and for all the work you do for the UK Armed Forces and Help for Heroes. We wanted you to know and to say thank you. I wish your site every sucess in the future and hope that many more couples find the happieness that we have through your services.

Yours truly Jane and John (Names have been changed to preserve anonymity)

Photo of Fiona and Darren

I am happy for you to share our story as i hope that it will inspire others to write to and support service men and women. I met my husband through writing every day for 4 months and we have been together for over 2 years now so we have a lovely happy ending.

Fiona and Darren

Photo of Shaz and Sy

This is myself and Sy. Well i first started talking with him back in November 2004, met him for the 1st time in dec and well what can i say we moved in together in march i moved from the North east to Portsmouth and we got engaged on April 10th.We booked the wedding yesterday we are going to Jolly beach, Antigua we fly out 15th August 2006, then return as a married couple

I love Sy to bits and he spoils me and is a gentleman and its all thanks to you and a bit of luck finding your site.Take care and I hope the site goes from strength to strengh and a lot of people fiI love Sy to bits and he spoils me and is a gentleman and its all thanks to you and a bit of luck finding your site.Take care and I hope the site goes from strength to strengh and a lot of people find the happiness that I have found.


I have met the most wonderful lady i thought i would never meet through your site. Her name is Issie, we met on the site in Feb 08 and started talking then we actually met in Mar 08, which was the most nerve racking day of my life and as soon as I saw her my heart jumped as she is so beautiful. She is funny, my best fiend and my soul mate. I am currently serving in the Gulf and we got engaged before I left because I know she is the one for me thanks to your web site.

We are both very happy thanks to you.

Keep up the good work.

All the best from Phil and Issie

I just want to say a big thank-you to this site as I have met the man of my dreams on here back in January, we are now getting married in Sept ’07!!!! Thank-you Forces Penpals for making my dream come true…

ec, 21 signal regt

Please remove my profile, I have met the man of my dreams and we fly 500 miles to see each other as often as we can. Thank you for this brilliant site.

Hannah, Rugby

I want to say how Lucky i’ve been, i joined in January and within hours of me posting i started to talk to my soulmate! i can’t believe it. He’s the man of my dreams and can’t thank the site enough. We were talking via email and yes he decided to call one day while he was out iraq on tour, within the month we met up when he came home and since then we have got closer and strong as a couple. He’s away again at the moment and it is so hard but he’s coming home to me and can’t wait, we live our lives at moment on msn, email, text and ebluey’s. Thank you and good luck to everyone, Mr or Mrs right is out there.

Nathalie, Essex

I have been incredibly lucky to meet the woman of my dreams through FPP, she is beautiful, sexy, funny and makes my heart skip a beat, my soulmate. I do hope that you get as lucky as I have, dreams can come true. As my subs are now cancelled, we are sailing off into the sunset. So I bid you all farewell.

John, Harrogate

Hi, this is message to say thank you so much for starting the site up. I want to say thanks also for me meeting a really nice chap. We are getting on really well. I just had to drop you a line to tell you about our new “relationship” (he actually calls me his girlfriend). I’m so happy I’ll keep you posted if anything develops.

Thanks again Debbie.

I thought i would send you a short message to say i am cancelling my subs but have enjoyed my time on the site. Have now met a lovely man through the site and would just like to say thank you to the forces penpals for making this possible.

Thanks again Mary

Just thought i’d drop you a line just to say how grateful i am to you for sending out names and addresses of guys i could write to in Iraq. Had a great laugh with them over the last 4 months, most have come back from Iraq now, so looking forward to having my details put on your website. Hope to get chosen. Congrats an a brill website.

I just wanted to say a really big thank you.I had had a really bad few days and couldn’t see a way out of it. Well last night went in to chatroom just expecting it to be summer and myself and there were quite a few. We had a brilliant time and i laughed so much i almost wet myself !!!!LOL. It took me out of my depression in a big way.
I have made so many good friends thanks to you and your site and it would be so wrong not to let you know how grateful I am. Thank you again…

Ironic story for your site here too. I use my net connection at work from a technical resources library to chat & email my pen friends. My regular visits to that library to chat got me talking to the librarian, very lovely young lady too, so now as an indirect result of pen pals I have myself a new girlfirend! How ironic is that!

Jodie was feeling quite low as she had just finished with her boyfriend of 3 years and had a 1 year old little boy and didn’t know which way to turn. She didn’t think anyone else would have a relationship with her because she had a little boy. So when her sister told her about Forces penpals she thought she’d give it a try. She got the name and address of a guy in the Army called Jason and based in Germany and after just 3 weeks they met up and hit it off straight away. They got married after just 6 months and now have a baby boy and both Jodie and Jason are extremely happy that Jodie got in touch with Forces Penpals.

Mike is currently serving abroad with the royal navy and, after seeing the Forces Penpals advert in Navy News, he registered with the site as he thought it would be nice to have a lady penpal. Within a couple of weeks, we forwarded the details of several prospective penpals to Mike and he decided to write to a lady called Wendy. Mike and Wendy exchanged letters and found out they had lots in common. They eventually arranged to meet in London and had a wonderful time going to the theatre, visiting museums and other London sightseeing trips. Although they were both very nervous about meeting for the first time, they felt that they would get on well and from the moment that Mike met Wendy off the train with a red rose, this proved to be the case. Since London they have met twice more, are still enjoying each others company and are now planning a trip together to Italy later this year.