Prince Harry’s exit from his role as a royal had a serious ripple effect. Most of us still haven’t gotten used to the idea that he’s picked up his family and left for Canada to live a more “normal” life.

As things stand, one change that is right around the corner is his association with the Royal Marines. Princess Anne will be taking over the role of captain-general of Royal Marines in his place.

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The Duke of Sussex had originally taken over command from Prince Philip in 2017, when the latter retired from public duties. During his time with the Marines, Prince Harry was known to place a special emphasis on supporting soldiers in terms of their wellbeing, which is part of the reason why many were do disheartened that he decided to step down.

The silver lining in this very dark cloud is that Princess Anne is making history by becoming the first captain-general of the Royal Marines. This decision could motivate more women to look towards the Marines as a career choice in the future. And Princess Anne is no stranger to the job, however. She is linked to 65 different military organisations and is heavily invested in our service personnel.

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Prince Harry will officially make his final exit this spring, but not before he returns for a final farewell with the men that he has watched over for two years.