For the first time in 100 years, the women’s teams from the two military branches will be going head to head to see who comes on top. The contest will take place in 2020 and will mark a century of the Service Rugby Championship.

Though it’s been around for around 17 years, the annual women’s match has never been held at Twickenham. All that is set to change in just a couple of months. The year 2020 will definitely be bringing in some big change with it – but this one couldn’t have happened sooner.

So, who are the soldiers that you will be supporting? Before you make up your mind, let’s take a look at what some of the players had to say.

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Susan Badger, who plays for the Royal Navy, can’t wait to hit the field. “Every day in my Naval role I work with sailors who are recovering from injury and I know that having a goal is essential to the success of that process,” she said.  

“It is the same for me with rugby and for all of the Royal Navy squad. So many have worked so hard to grow the women’s game in the Royal Navy for over 20 years and now finally to have the opportunity to play at Twickenham is just fantastic,” she added.

Playing for the Army, Sarah Mimnagh, also said she was excited about the upcoming match. “Playing international rugby is amazingly special, but to be able to represent my Service at Twickenham Stadium as well really is a unique and humbling opportunity,” she said.

“Wearing the Army red has always filled me with immense pride. It is going to be a great day,” she shared. Well the ladies aren’t the only ones who are excited.

Rugby is a sport of true grit and spirit. And when the players double as soldiers you know you are going to witness one helluva clash. Tickets for the event will go on sale from January 13, 2020, while the even itself will be held on May 2, 2020.

If you’ve ever wanted to see history in the making, make sure you mark your calendars for this one.